Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day...

Hello folks,

1st May 2010 4

My first week of work was busy, really great, but really busy - and next week looks set to be busier still. There are so many names to remember, so many faces to remember and so much to set up in order for the place to start running smoothly by next week. At least I'm not bored, nothing is worse than staring at a clock that won't go fast enough.

1st May 2010 3

My normal bus ride into the city usually takes around 10minutes, now my bus ride in the freak morning traffic takes half an hour. I have to leave my house at 7.30am in order to get into work at 8.30am - and while some people might think that's a perfectly normal time to leave in the morning, I am not one of them!

I leave work at 5pm, just as its getting dark, and usually get home just after 6pm. I have really been enjoying my walks home from the bus stop at night. The mornings have been freezing cold, but the evenings have been beautiful and temperate. Plus I can see the city when I walk home, all lit up and sparkly in the balmy night.

I also get to indulge in one of my favourite secret (now not so secret) activities - peeking into peoples houses when their lights are on but the curtains aren't shut. I don't exactly walk right up to the window and gawk inside, I just slow down and peek in as I walk past. I love seeing other peoples houses and how they have chosen to decorate their spaces. There is one particular tree lined street rather close to us that I just LOVE walking down and peeking into - think, white walls filled with art, bookcases filled with interesting objects and rooms lit in glowing orange light...

1st May 2010 6

David and I don't own a car here and aren't planning on getting one soon either, so we walk everywhere or use public transport. Today we had to pop out to buy groceries (no chocolate anywhere in the house) and so I threw on some jeans and my lovely hand made vintage wool cape.

This park is a lovely little dog park that we walk through to get to the super market. Its usually filled with dogs playing, but today was rather quiet for some reason... But look, a glimpse of autumn on the ground. Who would have thought?

1st May 2010 7

1st May 2010 5
Photos by David.

XX Jen

ps) David and I are planning to buy a fancy camera soon - and then we will do awesome photo shoots for my blog like some of my very favourite bloggers. I'm excited!


  1. Your brogues are fantastic and perfect for the autumn weather coming. The description of how you look into people's windows is surprisingly sweet :)

  2. I watch through the windows too...though I have never mentioned it to anyone!Love your cape :-)

  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! As soon as I saw your cape and brogues I was totally sold. Gorgeous blog :)

  4. What a lovely cape! I like the little hand holes. I have a poncho that I quite like but I don't really wear it too much because I feel like my arms are trapped!

    Are they the Sportsgirl brogues? I just bought them today :-)

  5. These are some beautiful photos, and I love those brogues!

  6. Your outfit is fantastic! I love the shoes and the cape! And I too love to peer into peoples lives through their lit windows.

  7. Oh gorgeous shoes!!!!! i love them

  8. hehe your not so secret hobby is very cute! I love looking at the outside of beautful old villas. I am delighted when I go for a walk or run and discover a whole street of beautiful big old houses!

  9. ah I love your photos! the changing seasons are strange arent they

  10. I love your cape, it's very beautiful! And those brogues are great.

  11. I love your outfit, your cape is gorgeous xx

  12. Wow, loving this outfit. I covet that cape an unnatural level, and you sure can pull off blue jeans!


  13. That's such a pretty cape and I love the shoes. I'm glad work is going well for you!

  14. Your outfit is so lovely, and i peek into peoples houses to!

  15. Love the shoes, brogues are the best ever. I really want to try this tea that you can only get in NZ, I'm going to look online. ♥

  16. Great photos! I love your outfit and like everyone else, I want your shoes :)

  17. I just love your cape! So exquisite!

    And I do the same thing - homes always look so happy and cozy with the lights on and people making dinner or having conversations.

  18. Glad to hear that your new job is going well for you!! Absolutely love your cape and shoes. :) Looks like you're having a pretty good time!

  19. Glad your new job is going well (although I do hope it gets less crazy busy for you!). Your neighbourhood looks lovely. As do you. :) Love to the kitties!

  20. You're a House Peeker too? I have the most awful habit of doing that when I drive into work with my husband early in the morning (on days we swap the car). It's usually still dark, but I love seeing the decor and such of some of the ritzy houses we have to drive past! hehe!

    ♥ Casey
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