Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi All,

I am finally getting around to doing a post after being super lazy. My Christmas was spent opening presents in bed, eating, drinking, watching S2 of Mad Men, eating some more, drinking some more, watching season one of True Blood (in which I had to get over my mild dislike of Anna Paquin. I still find her annoying for some reason, but the show is really good despite this) and so on and so forth.

David gave me a lovely vintage dress which I wore later on in the afternoon when it turned into a scorcher (and after finally getting out of my pyjamas).

29th Dec 09 3

The dress I am wearing in these photos isn't the dress though, I took these on Christmas Eve Eve. This was one of those dresses I had laying about for a while that needed shortening before I could wear it. The shoes I am wearing were a Christmas present to myself - I love them so much that I may have gone back and got the other colour way too, but you'll just have to wait and see...

29th Dec 09 2

Sydney preparations are humming along. I've been given lots of great advice from some lovely Sydneysiders which has really been appreciated.

I sold my car (after a day and a half of being advertised), I've sorted out a big pile of clothing that doesn't need to come with me, David and I have settled on which suburbs we want to live in (and have faced the fact that we may be stuck in a studio), I've booked the kittys flights up to Auckland where she will stay until we call for her to come over to Sydney and I've talked to my Uncle who we will be staying with when we arrive.

29th Dec 09 5

My mind is still racing with things we need to get done though, we arrive in Sydney in just over 6 weeks time!! And when you put it like that, its not very long at all!! We have about 5 weeks left in Dunedin and then we spend one week up north with my family before heading off into the great unknown.

Oh, that sounds really dramatic doesn't it?

David and I were sitting in the sunshine with the kitten when she started playing with his shoe laces.
29th Dec 09 7

And after taking photos of cuteness playing with shoe laces, I started taking photos of daisy's and then a bug landed on one just as I was taking it. I think its quite cool in a gross, bug sort of way!
29th Dec 09 8

Any way, I am off to enjoy some sunshine! After christmas day it all turned to poo weather wise and has just fined up today. I am wearing my Christmas dress and tonight we are going to cook crayfish for dinner. We are storing some things for a friends wedding, including 100 crayfish in our freezer and so she gave us three as a thank you. I can't say that I have ever cooked a crayfish - yay for google!

Also, David and I are off to Naseby tomorrow until Friday so have a fantastic New Years and I'll see you all next year (and catch up with all those lovely comments from over the Christmas period).


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nearly Christmas...

Hello Everyone,

My worries about not knowing many people in Sydney are slowly disappearing. There are actually quite a few Sydneysiders in the fashion blog-o-sphere which makes me quite excited.

23rd Dec 09 1

Monday was the first day of my official holidays and I spent it attending to a huge pile of clothing that needed adjusting. I am now the proud owner of several well fitting vintage dresses that I can actually wear and this dress is one of them. The bust was too big for me and so it took me about 10 minutes to take in and throw on for the day. I think it will be one of those dresses I wear a lot in the Sydney heat.

23rd Dec 09 7

Christmas is only two days away and there is a distinct lack of Christmas at my house. David and I are doing Christmas by ourselves this year. We are heading up to Naseby for a few days after to spend some time with Davids dad and unfortunately, my parents are in the North Island which means they get us for a few days in February before we leave for Sydney.

That meant that we decided not to buy anything in the Christmas decoration department (no tree, no tinsel, no decorations etc) for two reasons - to save money and so that we wouldn't be left with things when we move early next year.

23rd Dec 09 8

I did buy Christmas wrapping paper yesterday though along with spending a small fortune on Christmas day food. I don't seriously think two people can eat and drink that much food and alcohol, especially as I'm not a huge drinker, but, it should prove to be a good day :)

23rd Dec 09 6


Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank You...


Thank you all so much for your congratulations and for those Sydnians (is that what we call you?) who put up your hands to offer some help in our move. I will be in touch with you all shortly :)

17th Dec 09 2

David and I are slowly starting to sort out the things we are taking/not taking to Sydney with us. I have to try and sell my car and we need to sort out sending our cat over to Sydney. It turns out that sending fluffy balls of cuteness to Australia is pretty darn expensive! But I can't leave her.

We got her from the SPCA when she was about a year old. She had been abandoned with her litter mate at a house, where she caught the feline flu and could have died if she wasn't rescued by the SPCA.

I've also been looking at the rental situation in Sydney basically everyday since we found out and I've been looking at the job situation - living in Sydney is going to be rather more expensive than it is here and so a job is the second biggest thing on the 'to do' list after finding a place to live once we arrive.

17th dec 09 8

On top of all that, its pretty darn exciting, and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people and doing something new, somewhere new!

David and I are off to Naseby for the weekend, so I'll hopefully see you all next week (I'll be officially on holiday!!).


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Time Has Come...

Hello Everyone,

15th dec 09 2

Well, the time has indeed come. The impatient planner in me can now set to work planning for next year. On Saturday, David and I found out that we will be moving to.......

Sydney, Australia!!!

David has been awarded a PHD scholarship for three years to study with the University of Sydney, and I'm packing my bags and going right along with him.

15th Dec 09 1

I can't tell you what a relief it is to know exactly where we will be going! We booked all our flights last night, and so now its very much real! We leave for Sydney on the 13th Feb, 2010.

15th Dec 09 3

Moving to a whole new country is a little mind boggling and I feel an urgent need to write everything down in a list! I'm a very big list person - I tend to find old lists in my bags and pockets all the time. Its comforting having a list.

I won't say that I wasn't a little dissapointed that we didn't end up going to Melbourne, but its only a hop skip and a jump away, and at this stage, we know four people in Sydney, which is four more than we knew in Melbourne.

15th dec 09 5

I guess what I was really looking forward to if we ended up in Melbourne was meeting some of the Melbourne bloggers. I've tried finding some in Sydney and have only found a handful. So, um, if you're in Sydney and would like to catch up/show me around, please feel free to get in touch. It will be nice to see a few friendly faces - I'm a little nervous about not having any friends in a huge city like Sydney.

So, off to Sydney it is! The date is really not all that far away...


ps) My dress is one from Vogue Vigilante, check them out, they have some gorgeous vintage pieces!

David and I are lucky to have Peonies growing in our garden, this is a rogue one who left the masses behind the house to live on its own. I took this photo the other day after it had stopped raining...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Insert Funny Title Here...

Hi everyone,

After yesterday's terrible weather, today is sunny (although, I am currently spying a mischievous looking grey cloud hovering in the sky, looking like it wants to have some fun...).

10th dec 09 5

I finally gave in and bought some Tara Starlet sailor shorts a few weeks back. They arrived last week, and my goodness they are comfy! I wore the same pair two days in a row (hence why they look a little wrinkled). I am now rather tempted to buy the red pair too...

10th Dec 09 4

Hope you are having a great day,


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In Which I Join Twitter...

Hello All,

Long time no outfit post - what can I say?

8th dec 09

This darling little dress arrived on the weekend from Q's Daydream. Its a lovely little green gingham sundress and Saturday was the perfect day to wear it. The bust is a bit big, but nothing that stopped me from wearing it!

8th dec 09 3

8th Dec 09 4

8th dec 09 5

8th dec 09 6

8th dec 09 7

Photos were taken by David, and our 'new' vintage picnic basket got a look in too :)

Also, I was bored last week and so signed up to Twitter. If you would like to follow me my name is Jenniferlauren3 or if you would like me to follow you, let me know what your name is and I'll try to find you.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shop Update...

Hi everyone,

My weekend was spent furiously sewing and organising a surprise Hen's night for a friend on Saturday, to which I have just witnessed some incriminating photos that will sadly, not make it onto the blog... Oh dear, what girls will get up to when there is punch and are left alone to be silly...


Anyway, in other important news, I have just updated the shop with three news skirts and a Peterpan collared t-shirt. I had so many convo's about the t-shirt I wear with all my listings so decided it was high time I drafted up a pattern and made one. They are made to order and currently come in the white shown and a red ribbed fabric (photo to come).






And one other piece of important news - my fringe is finally long enough to put into a teeny little pin curl! Finally I say...