Friday, November 27, 2009

Not So Victorian...

Hello Hello,

I know, this post was supposed to go up on Wednesday wasn't it?

These pictures were taken on Sunday in the Oamaru public gardens, it was a beautiful day and the park was essentially empty so we had fun taking photos in lots of different places.

27th November 09 5

As you can see, my dress really isn't Victorian in the slightest - oh well. Once I take those sleeves in a bit and the dress up a bit, I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of it otherwise.

27th November 09 2

27th November 09 7

27th November 09 6

27th November 09 1

27th November 09 9

27th November 09 8
I feel a little like Wendy with the Lost Boys here...

David and I have had the first bit of fantastic news on the 'whats happening next year' front. But I'm going to tease you and keep it to myself until we have heard more, the first bit of news hasn't really sunk in yet. But fingers crossed, baited breath and all that...

Edited to add - Tehee, no, its not a baby! Sorry, I forget that sometimes I get new people reading my blog (hello to you out there!). David and I are waiting to see whether we are off to greener pastures next year in terms of him getting a phd scholarship. And, as I said, we have had the first bit of good news back regarding this. Yay...

27th November 09 3


PS) Happy Thanks Giving to those in the US


  1. Gorgeous dress. And those kind of gardens can be so...calming!

    And I'm guessing a baby? (could be totally wrong but in that case you can just laugh at me :P)

  2. Gorgeous shots. That dress is so pretty, it will look super cute shortened.

  3. PS. Am excited to hear your news!!

  4. Oh that Peter Pan statue is so special to me - my Nana used to take me there when I was little and I still have a postcard from her with it on the front sent before she died (many years ago). I was obsessed with Peter Pan! xxx

  5. That first photo is gorgeous and these gardens look like such a peaceful place. How wonderful that you got to enjoy their beauty almost exclusively to yourselves.

    Long dresses look absolutely lovely on you. You wear them well! However, this one will still look just as nice after your alterations :)

    Congratulations on your first bit of exiting news!

  6. I like all the photos...

  7. Beautiful dress. You always look so nice.

  8. So excited to hear your news about your future plans!!

    Love these pictures, I wish we had a pretty little garden like that close by.

  9. i really like tour world and your style.

  10. I love that first picture! And guess what the word verification is...? 'Style'!

    (It must have picked up that you have loads of it!)

  11. The dress looks beautiful to me, and you look so sweetly romantic in all pictures. Love it!

    What a beautiful statue!

    ....fingers crossed for your good news!

  12. what a lovely day in the park! this post makes me miss the spring i spent in london. i spent a lot of time getting lost in parks, coming across statues and monuments, pretending that i was the only one there and that the space was my garden!

  13. beautiful photos!! your dress is amazing!! :)

  14. im so glad you write thats its not a baby! i bet everyone was like oh a baby! haha thats what we all think of everyone who says they have news for some reason!!
    i love your wendy dress! thats what im gonna call it from now on :)

  15. These pictures and your dress are just so pretty! Perfect for the title of your blog. I just love all your clothes, but you have such a sweet personality as well. I hope you and your hunny get what you need/want for the next year :)

  16. You look so lovely! :) I especially adore the last photo; it looks like something out of those wonderful BBC costume dramas. :)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your good news too! :D

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  17. That picture of you and the gargoyle is priceless! :)

  18. These photos are so elegantly wonderfully, each one is a charming delight, but there's something (very Jane Austen) about the last one the especially captures my eye.

    Fingers firmly crossed for you both that everything works out as you hope it will!
    ♥ Jessica


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