Friday, October 9, 2009

The Weekend Again...

I was really happy to see your comments on my last post - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who writes posts in my head after all. And I completely agree that once I've written my imaginary post, I tend to forget how I wrote it, and it never turns out quite the same. Oh well, the burdens us bloggers must bare...

9th October 09

Moving onto other things - this is not what I am wearing today. Yesterday a cold front hit little old NZ and its freezing.
I am sitting here in front of a warm heater with tights, a woollen skirt, a thermal, a woollen cardigan and a scarf on. On the bright side, it is the perfect weather for a date night with David! Tonight we are heading out to dinner and then to see 500 Days of Summer at the theatre. Yay.

9th October 09m4

I took these photos with a tripod the other day when it was warm and sunny out the front of my house. I love my house, its sunny, in a beautiful neighbourhood, doesn't cost millions to live there and has a large, lush garden to take photos in, and I will be most sad to leave it. I don't think there will be anything like this that doesn't cost a bomb in Melbourne, or London, or wherever we end up next year.

9th October 09 2

Hope you all have a lovely weekend - mine involves sewing, and hopefully lots of it!

XX Jen


  1. Such lush photos! I love your dress, so pretty!!!

  2. That dress is so gorgeous. The style, the pretty purple shade it is, it's just a perfect dress! Did you buy, make it, or is it vintage?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh that would have to be one of the prettiest blog outfit photos I've ever seen!
    I went "oooh" out loud as I saw the first pic ;)

    The dress is divine and you really suit the colour. Also love your lippy, bag and shoes.

    Your garden looks like heaven! <3 xxx

  4. You have a beautiful garden, and I love how your dress looks like it was meant to be among the lilacs in your hard.

  5. So, so beautiful – very pretty little pictures indeed! Have a lovely date.

    When I actually first saw these pics, I had a little envy moment of your gorgeous sunny weather :) I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but here in Melbs today I wore a winter coat and should have worn gloves too! And the heaters been going all week... :)

  6. I saw 500 Days of Summer recently and adored it. The soundtrack was fantastic. You look gorgeous in your summery outift.

  7. Oh you look so gorgeous in that beautiful dress!

  8. Cute outfit!
    Love the purse and the shoes!!!


  9. so nice to see colours and sunshine. Perfect ensemble for a night of Zooey xoxo.

  10. Your dress is stunning!Melbourne is lovely...and has great shopping!

  11. Your house looks so sweet! I'd love a yard.

  12. Purple is such a fantastic color on you! And look at those flowers! I'm envious of your warm weather.

  13. Amazing lilac dress!

    Happy Friday!

  14. That lilac dress with your red hair is beautiful!


  15. I didn't comment on the other post but I do write posts in my head, too. Haha.
    And that dress is absolutely lovely!
    -Andi x

  16. gorgeous outfit, you look like you're from a bygone era

  17. Loving the shoes,aprticularly,and the frock is divine1

  18. Oh, this dress is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it! Wherever you end up next year I do hope that you'll find a place of beauty to delight in and enjoy. I'd be sad to leave this garden too.

  19. You look absolutely darling!! The shade/pattern/style of that dress is just stunning. I am honestly swooning over that dress! Also the photo location and you surrounded by all the pretty flowers and sunshine wow you look lovely!

  20. I really love your dress... it's color and print remind me of the dress my Mom wore when she got married at City Hall.


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