Monday, October 12, 2009

Lots of Words, Lots of Pictures...

Hello Everyone,

Beware - this post contains lots of pictures, and also lots of words that I think are important (towards the end anyway), so feel free to read on, or just look at the pretty pictures :)

Our weekend turned out to be lovely and sunny - but extremely windy! I took these photos on Sunday, and I am wearing my third Miss Deb Dress and I still cannot find out a thing about the brand. It also has a matching Bolero jacket, but I think its a bit much paired together.

12th Ocotber 09 3

On Friday I mentioned we were going to see 500 days of Summer, and I actually really liked it. The end was super cheese, but I loved Summer's outfits and I loved the soundtrack even more - so much so, that I got the album the next day.

12th Ocotber 09 4

On Saturday night, David and I watched a film called The Age Of Stupid, recommended to me by a friend about global warming. This is definetly something I think everyone should see. It makes you feel guilty, but in the best kind of way, it makes you actually want to do something about climate change.

12th Ocotber 09 6

The basic message is that we need to get our carbon emissions down by 10% - each and every person, because we are all responsible. And to be fair, 10% is absolutely nothing.

Here are a few of the things David and I already do -
1) Recycle paper, plastics and glass
2) Compost food scraps and put them into our worm farm
3) Grow our own summer veges
4) I wear vintage/upcycled clothing and use as many vintage/upcycled fabrics and materials when I sew

12th Ocotber 09 5

Things we are now going to start doing -
1) Start using recyclable bags for shopping. I have some lovely ones with awesome designs that I got a few years
back made from recycled cotton. Also, most shops and supermarkets now sell them.

2) Turn off all power sources when we are not at home (t.v, sterio etc. But, erm, don't turn off your fridge or freezer!)
3) Don't use the heat pump as much (we love our heat pump!)
4) Use biodegradable soap. I've just bought some of these - and I can't wait to try them!
5) Try to use the car less and get it serviced regularly (which we already do).

12th October 09 1

Things we would like to do when we settle down somewhere and buy our very own home -
1) Put in a wind turbine. They are so much more attractive than power lines! If we replaced every powerline with a
wind turbine, how much nicer would our cities look?

2) Grow our own fruit and veges year round (I cannot wait for this!!)
3) Get our own chickens (fresh eggs in the morning, yum!)
4) Attempt bee keeping - I've not actually discussed this with David, but I think he is keen as his Grandad used to
keep bees. If you've never read Neil Gaimans Blog, then do. He is one of my favourite authors, and he keeps
bees. Yesterday he posted about harvesting the honey, yum!

12th Ocotber 09 7

Anyway, sorry to blather on about climate change - but I think its all something we need to acknowladge, we are all educated people. And its so important to not think of it as 'but what differences will my small changes make?' but instead 'I am making changes along with millions of other people who, together, will make a huge difference!'.

And thats the end of my semi-rant. Promise. More posts about pretty, frivolous things next time - because, to be fair, I love pretty frivolous things just as much as the next person. And we can't be all serious all the time :)



  1. Great post Jen. I had a super intense conversation with a taxi driver yesterday about this very issue! We both agreed with you whole heartedly! He was with Combined Taxis who have a new 'Carbon Zero' campaign going.


  2. pretty dres, jen!
    i'm dying to see 500 days of summer! i also would like to watch this other movie you've mentioned.
    i already do some things you intend to do!
    good luck on h
    those plans!



  3. This was a great post, and very true.

    Hubby and I definitely need to get our act together on some of these things, but a few of them we already do.

    I hope to do more gardening when I have my own house (we're renters) with a good sized yard. Ours is teeny tiny :(

  4. I'll make an effort to try to remember to check out this film. I do think it's important that we all do our part, no matter how little, at reducing carbon emissions. While we do recycle and grow some of our own veggies, I admit that I often forget to bring my reusable bags with me to the market. I think the use of wind turbines is a great idea. My brother and I were actually talking about it not too long ago and he's quite set on putting one in when he has a home of his own.

    Pretty dress. The colors are fantastic. And, I'm glad you got to see 500 Days of Summer. The ending was cheesy, but what can you do? It was still cute. :)

  5. Firstly, love your dress and those lovely sunny pictures!
    Secondly, totally agree with you, and I do a lot of these things myself. I would so love to have a vege garden as well! But that will have to wait for now.

  6. great post! we currently do some small things around the house to do our bit, such as using reusable shopping bags, purchasing our veges from the local farmers market and using products from the eco store. Our flat mates now do a car free day on the weekend when they dont really have the need to go out and if they do they are buying local.

    XX Rosina Lee

  7. That is wonderful that you and David already do so much and plan to do more. For me, I am committing to riding the bus as often as possible rather than using the car - my new job is on a bus line and the company pays for a bus pass - and I am hoping to move to an apartment close enough to walk or bike to work (or at least have the option of doing so.)

  8. That is such an adorable dress! I just love all the different color strips, it's so pretty.
    Lovely pictures, so lovely and sunny.
    Great post, I too am trying to do things to reduce carbon emissions and be more earth friends, but I hadn't thought of some of these things that you are doing, so thank you for the tips! :)

  9. Lovely dress and I definitely agree with what you are saying in this post!

  10. I read a book this weekend that has adopted a similar change in my heart. I'm going to post about it on my blog so keep your eyes out for that. There is another one I just started that I think you'd like as well, when I remember the name I'll tell you: it involves a suburbian girl "homesteading". I.E. raising chickens, keeping bees, sewing her own clothes, etc.
    Your cat looks just like one I had as a kid :)

  11. Such an adorable dress, and what a great post! I completely agree, and I wish more people understood how they could be helping... I know quite a few people who "don't believe" in global warming (very scary, isn't that?) and who seem to be as wasteful as possible just to upset "tree huggers." It makes me so angry! I think if everyone did their part, things would be so much better.

  12. That dress is incredible! Really, I love the colors and the chic little belt.
    And man, I would love to have chickens someday. Fresh eggs would be nice.

  13. Great pictures... and such a lovely dress :).

  14. Great post. It's good to keep getting reminders and encouragement to make the effort.

    Gorgeous cat! The dress is cute and I love your shoes!

  15. absolutely stunning dress!

    i still haven't seen 500 days of summer but have been told i'd like it, as well as the soundtrack.

  16. Beautiful photos!!!! That's such a nice dress and you look lovely.


  17. What a lovely dress!

    ...and as far as other things go, it's okay to be a muddle of clothes-lover, sewer, tea-drinker, and someone who wants to make a difference in their own life. People look at me the same way--in science, also a musician, and one who's odd and doesn't ever use paper plates and wants vermicomposting in her apartment. But while incongruous, these things still make me who I am. So a post like this helps me know who you are :) (which is a wonderful thing!)

  18. Such cute and sunny pics!

    Great eco tips!
    One thing we do too is turn off the breaker for the hot water and turn it on only 20 minutes before showering, dishwashing, etc. It cuts back sooo much on electricity usage!

  19. Lovely dress, so fresh! And who is that beautiful furry cat?

  20. Love the colors on this dress! your cat is adorable!!

  21. i think its great you both will be doing more (and less as it may be) to help i try what i can and when we (the hubby and I) have a house we also plan on making it as efficient as possible.
    ok so that said -love love the dress! fits you perfectly

  22. i wear vintage clothes! i love your dress. sometimes i want to give up on making all the little changes necessary to be part of dealing with the climate change problem. but then i get back at it. i'm back at it now!

  23. Great dress, and even greater post! I have been raving about going local (and organic) when it comes to food shopping, and we visit our farmers' market every week. Next year we will start growing our own veggies. I dream of a chicken house as well, but we'd need more space for that... well, perhaps one day!

  24. There are laws against chicken coops where I live. It's pretty ridiculous actually. I went to a seminar on it last year where people were trying to change the law. One of the organic stores used to sell illegal organic eggs. It was like trying to buy drugs to get them... Lots of secret codes when you order them.

    Cute dress :)

  25. Great post! :) I've been mulling over this sort of thing a lot lately. I used to be very into and passionate about making active changes to my lifestyle in order to be more environmentally friendly. However, I think I got a bit lazy after we moved, and I haven't been as pro-active as I used to! :p The past few weeks I've been starting to research and make those changes again, so your post was oh so timely! Some things I've been doing:

    - utilizing the recycling bin that our complex just added. I collect most of our plastic, tin and paper waste (even broken down cardboard boxes from cereal go in the pile!) to put in the recycling area.

    - taking my stash of cloth bags when we go grocery shopping. I need to make a few more, actually. Another thing I want to do is make enough to always have some in the car so that if we're out at other shops, I can use those instead.

    - making my own, earth-friendly household cleaners. I'm doing this partially because chemical cleaners are quite toxic to the environment, and also because I have a lot of problems with the fumes from commercial household cleaning solutions. I went out and bought all the supplies I need, and am going to mix things up next week! So excited about this one!

    I can't wait until the day we have our own house; I plan on composting and trying to have a small garden. Plus, I'd love to be able to one day afford to buy food products from local, sustainable farmers. At this point though, it's not an option. ;)

    Anyway, thank you again for posting this! :) You can rant whenever you want, Jen! ;) Oh, and that dress is so cute! I just love it's stripy goodness! :)

    - Casey

  26. very admirable, a great reminder to be green! and a very pretty dress!

  27. Super cute dress and great post. I really need to get better about not buying so many "new" items. I would like to start thrifting much more in the future. Right now, my husband and I try to help the environment by using cloth shopping bags, buying the "green" cleaning supplies, recycling cans and plastic, keeping the heat down in the winter, trying to use less paper towels, and by being mindful of electricity we use. Unplugging electronics when they are not in use is an easy way to cut down as well.

  28. great dress!
    those tips are very useful and eco-friendly! everybody should think a bit more about our planet.


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