Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Springy Mc Spring-som...

1st September 09

Today is officially Spring and last night on the News it said to expect snow in the south…

I am somewhat back to normal with work and will have a shop update for you on Thursday with two new skirts and hopefully a few more to come next week. I am also going to do my first ever give away , so keep a look out.

It was an honour to learn last week that I was chosen as Vintage Queen number 34 on the Queens of Vintage list of top 100 queens. I was quite taken aback because I really wasn’t expecting it - I had been approached by them at the end of last year to be on the list and of course said yes, not thinking it would ever actually eventuate. There are so many beautiful vintage queens out there, so it is a huge honour to be a part of the list.

I need to say a big thanks to the lovely Sara who did a shout out on her blog featuring one of the skirts from my Etsy shop a few weeks ago and now I have the pleasure of passing on a few awards…

The first is from Eileen at the Shoe of Salvation – I have to give you 10 interesting facts about me so here they are (I think I may be repeating some of them from the last time I did one of these, but that was a long time ago!!).

1) I’ve never dyed my hair. Ever. I go through phases of really wanting a change, to then realizing I can’t be bothered with maintaining a fake colour and deciding that I really do like my hair colour. However, when I start to go grey I’m going to dye it a very vibrant red. But fingers crossed that’s not for a few years yet.

2) I have two tattoos, a belly button piercing, a nose piercing and two ear piercings in each ear. I’m deciding what I want my third tattoo to be and where I want it, decisions, decisions…

3) I have a Marketing degree

4) I used to live in Papua New Guinea when I was little, my Mum, sister and I moved back to New Zealand when I was 5 so I could start school here.

5) I am gluten free and have been for about 2 ½ years now – I plan to start writing more about my experiences with being gluten free and start sharing recipes soon too.

6) I just bought the cutest vintage bike ever!! Pictures to come soon.

7) I am blind and should wear glasses all the time – I don’t…

8) My favourite season is Autumn, but at the moment I am all for Spring and Summer. It has been quite the harsh winter down here this year.

9) I’m addicted to chocolate and sugar and am attempting to give it up (ha!) – they need to create chocolate patches for chocoholics just like they do for people trying to give up nicotine.

10) David and I won’t know what’s happening next year until the end of December when we find out about whether he has been given a scholarship. The adventurous person in me finds this thrilling, the events planner (aka small control freak) in me has turned her nose up at this and finds it very unamusing.

The second is the Awesome Girl Award from lovely Janetteria, if you haven’t checked out her
blog then you should head over there right now!!

And I know there was a third, but I can’t find it or remember who gave it to me! Eek. Sorry. Next time I’ll pass awards on straight away, I just tend to get lazy about doing them for some reason.

If you would like to do the 10 interesting facts meme, please do and let me know, I always like reading those, there are so many things you don’t know about people. And the second award I’d like to pass onto everyone in my blog roll and if you’re not on there and would like to be,
let me know!!.



  1. I'm so SO in love with your coat!!!!

  2. Congratulations on being a Queens of Vintage Queen! I thought it was very exciting to see a gorgeous lady from Dunedin (I am a little biased as I am from there - though made the move to Wellington a few years ago). I've been reading your blog for a few months now and just want to say I adore it.

    x Laurel


  3. what clothes linda!! I loved the jacket, the bag ....
    Very pretty!

  4. I adore that coat! Congrats, too!!!

  5. I am jealous of your vintage bike! Post pics soon :)

    Congrats on your awards and for being included on the blog list!

  6. Congratulations! what an honor:)
    Thanks for the list too, its always so nice to find out more about fellow bloggers.

    Oh and I love your coat!

  7. Congrats on the vintgae queen award! looking through your posts you have an amazing style and you pull it off beautifully :) <3

  8. Congrats on being a vintage queen! I absolutely love your coat.

  9. Adorable outfit! That coat is gorgeous, and I am in love with those shoes. Vintage or not?

    Congratulations on your awards! It was so fun to read the 10 things about you, thanks so much for sharing them.
    I've never dyed my hair either, though I would never be tempted to if I had red hair, which I've always wanted ;) And, I'm addicted to chocolate and sugar as well, I think a patch for this addiction sounds like a good plan.

  10. congratulations on the vintage queen :)! that coat is GORGEOUS. i'm so surprised to hear about your piercings and tattoos - that's so awesome :D and i am seriously considering trying a gluten free diet...it just seems like such a bother :/

  11. Congrats on being a vintage queen!

  12. I love your coat! Congratulations on being a Queen of Vintage! That's very neat. :)

  13. Oh! You certainly deserve a Queen of Vintage award :D I am so jealous of your white heels, I need a pair.
    May I be on your blog list?

  14. Well done on the Vintage Queen list! That's great.

    Love your shoes! And i'm glad you've never dyed your hair!

    Oh, and where in New Zealand are you? Nice to see another kiwi girl :-D

  15. Jen, is that coat one of your pieces? It's gorgeous! I love the pattern on the fabric.

    You're very lucky to have a natural hair color that suits you so well. If you're happy without dying it, don't get started!

    I have to wear glasses or contacts all the time just so I can read people's expressions (or drive!) I went without them for a run the other day and it was a very weird, disorienting experience.

  16. Thanks for your comment! I have written my Alice inspired poem. I was one of the other people who passed an award on to you at some point. Don't worry about missing it :)

  17. Wow on being on the Vintage Queens list - you were featured with some lovely ladies you must be so honored!

    Love the coat. Never dyed your hair...can't imagine it!

  18. Vintage Queens WOW

    you look very elegant :)

  19. Such an incredibly beautiful outfit, that coat is superb!

    Huge congrats on a being a Queens of Vintage gal, you absolutely dear it, honey!

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  20. Congrats! You definitely deserve it!

    Oh, and such a darling outfit!

  21. Congratulations on being a vintage queen! And that is a gorgeous outfit... I love navy/white combos.

  22. Congrats on the new title! Well deserved. I adore your coat :)

  23. Oh what a pretty pretty coat! I love it! You always look so darling :)

  24. Beautiful trench and shoes!!!!



  25. I just wanted to say a belated congratulations on being featured as a Queen of Vintage!! I was so excited to see that you were featured there when it popped up in my feed reader!

    Adorable outfit too--I love the coat!!! :)

  26. Such a cute outfit! And thanks for being so generous and passing the award to everyone on your blogroll... I'll gladly accept it and post it on my blog! :)

  27. Oh my goodness! My new goal in life is to dress like you! :o) I need to invent a blog award just so I can give it to you!
    My favorite time of year is autumn, too, which we're about to start in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited!
    I would love to see gluten-free recipes! We just recently discovered that our daughter is wheat free, so that's kind of similar!
    ...and now to go enter your giveaway!

  28. We had gluten free brownies last night--delicious! I'd love to see recipes here.

    & adore your coat--it's gorgeous!


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