Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Weather Man...

Just a quick post to tell you that....IT'S BEEN SNOWING!!

24th Sep 09

24th Sep 09 2

Dear Weather Man,

Its supposed to be Spring! There was ice on our car this morning...
It would be much appreciated if you could put it back to the weather it was last week.

Yours Sincerely,

Ps) Tonight is the first of our awards dinners. I get to put my public speaking skills to the test by reading out all the awards recipients and the blurbs that go along with them, yay for me.

Wish me luck and I'll see you next week because we have another event on tomorrow night and then another on Saturday. Phew...


  1. Gorgeous trench.
    In Brazil is spring too but it's raining every day!



  2. Snow! Poor you!
    But at least it's an excuse to wear that amazing coat. I love it with those tights too.

  3. Oh your coat and handbag are just so adorable and I WANT your kitty!!!

  4. Extreme weather everywhere it seems right now!! 100 degrees F here too, and it's supposed to be Fall. YUCK!

    At least you have a cute coat to brave the weather!!

  5. Awww, I hate when its supposed to be warm and winter just won't go away. I feel like the same thing happened to us this year.

  6. I love your coat - it's just perfect.

  7. Good luck with your speech! I know you'll do amazing. I used to have the worst reading in public stage fright but it's subsided a bit. I think not being in high school helped. I love your tights! They're the most wonderful cranberry shade.

  8. I love your coat. The gathered sleeves are so cool... I rarely see that on outerwear. And your kitty is adorable... so fluffy!

  9. snow?? oh dear!
    good luck to you lovely lady!
    too bad im back and your're so busy hopefully more outfit posts will come yes? i hope so i love looking at your cherry looks!

  10. Your yellow bag is so so beautiful!
    Red is not my colour, in special this tomatoe red, but it is definitely your colour!

  11. Snow on the arriving of Spring... well we are in Fall and it's heat...

    But you look lovely, that's such a great coat and a nice colour combo.


  12. Wow... I just LOVE the Purple with Red.... Amazing..! I'll try to do that =)

  13. I love your coat, the red looks wonderful on you!
    The weather has been erratic here too,especially with the recent dust storm..

  14. oh my snow! It's the second winter coming in, hopefully real spring will come soon!

    Love that red little coat, at least a little bit longer to wear lovely things like that

  15. Adorable as usual!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I passed a blog award on to you! You can get it here:

  16. I want snow! There's never snow in Florida.

  17. I love this outfit! The bag is so cute and I love the red jacket on you.



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