Friday, September 11, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Drum roll please... Yay, congratualtions Andi - Let's talk skirts shall we?

And to all those others who entered, thank you so much! This give away was such a success that I'm going to be doing another one closer to Christmas time to spread the cheer a bit more!!

I also just wanted to let you all know that I didn't draw names from a hat - mostly because I didn't feel like writing out 88 names, so I used a random number generator instead.

11 Sep 09 2

11th Sep 09

Today is gloriously sunny again, and its Friday to boot. I also just wanted to let you all know (incase you didn't already) that love Spring!! Especially when you find a little daffodil growing in a weed strewn pot behind your house and you have no idea how it got there...

XX Jen


  1. Congrats Andi! I'm so jealous right now! I wanted to win... :P

  2. I am kind of in LOVE with your outfit today. Especially your belt.

  3. great outfit!
    love the dress, the purse and the belt!!!
    ong, i really wanted the skirt!
    congrats to andi!



  4. You look incredibly sweet today!

  5. Congrats to Andi!!!! That outfit is adorable!!

  6. How exciting! =D I've emailed you. =] Thanks.
    And you look so sweet in that outfit.
    -Andi x

  7. Congrats, Andi! (Andi and Jen, I hope one of you will post a picture of Andi in her Jen-created outfit - it would be great to see how it looks on different people.)

    I love how sweet your printed dress looks with the sleek T-straps. Very vintage-y and cute.

  8. I love your belt and the cute little surprise flower!

  9. Congrats to the winner!

    What a great dress, Honey!


  10. That is an adorable dress!

    Yay for full-time Etsy - I'm sure with all those planning skills you have acquired through your job (combined with your sewing talent of course!) will enable you to make it a sure fire success!


  11. That is such a cute dress - I love how you accessorized it!

  12. Aww Love your little daffodil! Even more amazing that it came from nowhere!

    I love Spring too, but I love Fall just a little bit more, so I'm pretty excited over here too :)

  13. I love the combo of the belt, the cream cardigan and the rattan purse. Very lovely!

  14. What a cute look :)... love your accessoires.

  15. Aw, congrats to your winner! I've been eying some things in your shop and trying (key word) to save up some extra $ to make a purchase, but all these unexpected expenses keep coming at me from all directions. Gah! Your outfit it so adorable. Very Spring-y and fresh. Love the daffodil. They're among my favorite flowers.

  16. I love the precisely matching belt and bag :D

  17. so crazy that you are just hitting the springtime!

  18. I'm in love with your purse, its so adorable!!

    Congrats to Andi! :)

  19. OMGosh, I LOVE that dress, cardigan, and handbag combo!

  20. Cute pictures! I like the scone baking pics too!

  21. Andi is one lucky girl to have won that contest! Everything you make is just gorgeous!
    I love your outfit so much. That bag is adorable and your dress is so so cute. And your belt matches your purse exactly, did you buy one and search for the other to match or did it just work out perfectly like that? ;)


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