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8th July 09 2

8th July 09 1

I nearly wore this outfit with a white mini dress, but just as I was about to put it on, I realised that I would end up looking something like this:

Now, for the reason I called this post 'Hmph'...

I hate taking photos in winter. This past weekend was dark and rainy and horrible again and taking photos for the shop was a nightmare. I even borrowed a fancy camera and tripod from work to hopefully take some decent pictures, but they turned out dark and yucky again.

I've been trying to edit them and its beginning to get frustrating and I don't want to anymore. Some seem to be turning out semi okay, but the others are just awful and I wish I didn't have to wait until the weekend to try again. What's even more frustrating is that it took so long to take them in the first place! I truly underestimated the time it takes to take photos of a bunch of different things.

I'm hoping to list some of the items where the photos look semi okay on Thursday, but the rest will just have to wait because I don't like them.

Does anyone have any pointers on taking decent photos when it's dark? David did offer to help on the weekend, but I think I scared him away because I was getting annoyed and frustrated.


PS) I'm so sorry for not responding to comments/tags lately too. Work is really starting to pick up now, and trying to get things done for the shop is eating up my spare time!! But I do so appreciate them, and hope to reply to everyone asap.


  1. Grrr...I struggle with this problem on a daily basis when trying to take pics of my drawings. I've been starting to place my work next to a lamp that uses a natural light light bulb. It helps a bit. I wish I could help more!

    Hehe, love Smurfette!! You look very cute in your outfit!

  2. hehehe a smurfette outfit would have been so cute! Those blue tights are amazing.
    Feeling your pain on the photo taking. Maybe take a break when it's getting frustrating otherwise the shop will just turn into a big chore instead of being fun.

  3. Oh even if you looked like a Smurfette that would totally be fine! I'm sure you'd pull it off. I love the electric blue tights!

    Anyway, it's so odd for me to hear you say that it's winter where you are. It's summer here in Cali. Haha I was wondering why on my last post you were like, "I want summer." And I'm like, but it IS summer Jen! Sorry...I forget sometimes that people exist outside my neck of the woods. ;)

    And again, sorry. I don't have tips to offer. Good luck though!

  4. Blue suits you fabulously. Maybe you could do a day course in basic lighting with photography?


  5. Hahahahahha a smurfette is nice hehe
    The outfit looks really sweet.
    As for the pictures.....I really have no tips...I guess the answer would be on the right ilumination of the set (duhhhhhh) I have a digital camera and I sometimes try the several flashes, to see if one of them gets a more natural light.

    Maybe trying those natural light bulbs Maria C mentioned above. Sometimes having more than one lamp and orientating the lamps in different directions can help as well (working with the angles on the photos and the position of the lamps)

    Good luck!!

  6. Lolvely skirt!! i love colours tights.


  7. Love the bright blue tights :)

  8. LOVE the blue tight/white shoe combo! So unexpected.

  9. I love the bright color of your tights :).

  10. Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're having bad luck with lighting! I like your outfit though ;)

  11. I like your outfit and I think it would have looked cool with the white dress too. I wish I could help with the lighting problems, but I don't have any ideas. Hang in there though and I'm excited for the opening of the shop.

  12. I would recommend buying a good flash for your camera. Also, it's possible to set up some lighting for your shots with some desk lamps. If you can get daylight quality bulbs, all the better.

  13. you look so cute today! and i love the shoes and tights combo. where are the shoes from?
    and as for the shooting pictures in dark areas, well, it depends on what type of camera you're using. are you using a point-and-shoot? or are you using a digital SLR?

  14. Hmm... I am sorry, no ideas for how to take better pictures with bad weather :( wish I could help.

    Love the blue tights!! And your hair is already getting long again it looks like! Mine grows so s.l.oooo.w!

  15. Cute outfit. The tights look great!

  16. I always liked smurfette!:) I gave you a "great read" blog award.

  17. The lack of natural light in winter is so hard! (We have *very* short days in winter and very long days in summer, so my mood & energy just plummet in mid-December.) Are you able to take pictures at the brightest time of day or in a room that has the most/best natural light possible?

    I love your purple tights. They would definitely perk up my mood in the dead of winter!

    Good luck with your endeavors to get the store open. :)

  18. the colour of your tights is fantastic!


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