Monday, October 13, 2008

Bits and Pieces...

I seem to not have done an outfit post in a long time – sorry about that!! I’ll get round to it I promise.

But on a slightly different note I had a wonderful weekend – how about you? It was beautiful and sunny all weekend to boot! Friday of course kicked off with the staff Christmas party where everyone probably had one glass too many (including myself).

On Saturday I awoke to more beautiful sun and the box that carried Madeline. I planted my little seedlings and then went off to find men’s ties for a little project I’m currently working on (more on that later).

I hadn’t been into Save mart for about 2 years but I had a tip off that they had a big selection of men’s ties there, so in I went and felt immediately over whelmed. It’s a huge two story warehouse filled to the brim with second hand clothing, if you didn’t go there with a find in mind then you could be stuck in the depths forever just browsing. I promptly went over to the small brick-a-brack section where I could prepare myself for the onslaught and found two big bins filled with cheap and amazing fabric and continued to quickly clean them out. I also found 4 ties after searching through the piles and piles of god-awful men’s ties that are for some reason in existence.

For some reason the fabric photo dosn't want to load - i'll add it asap!!

That night I started on fixing up that little mini dress and will have the results shortly!! Sunday made for a fine volunteers party that we hold at the end of the year to thank all the lovely volunteers that help us throughout the year with our events and that brings me to Monday. Today for the first time I’m wearing short sleeves and had a beautiful walk to work through the town belt with the birds singing. Yay for summertime…

Have a great day,

Xx Jen

Ps) For those NZ readers we have Helen Clark on campus today, so that should be exciting - we had Winston Peters the other week as well!! For those who don’t know who Helen Clark is, she is NZ’s current Prime Minister – we have an election coming up in November so the politicians are making the rounds.


  1. oh your tie project sounds very intriquing and Hooray for Madeline!

  2. Can't wait to see your finished projets! Nice dressform :).

  3. lol i was sorta confused about this Madeline character that you mentioned in a couple of posts below but everything is SOOOOO much clearer now! Madeline is your manequin!!! :O

    Know that you've said it i'm taking your word that you will! lol it;ll be fan-tably-tabulous! :P

    Project? Hmmm.....intrigued....super intrigued :)

  4. Madeline is lovely! I'm insanely jealous of her.


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