Friday, October 17, 2008

1940's Halter Neck...

Yay, I've just completed my 1940's style halter neck out of some of the fabric I thrifted on the weekend. I'm really pleased with the result considering I had a few teething problems. As with the skirt I didn't use a pattern but I did document (most) of the making, of which I'll do a post about soon. I did pair it with the skirt (I know - enough with the skirt already!!!) because I liked the high waist with the top but the colours aren't exactly amazing so apologies. I didn't even own a red belt to match the shoes, oops!! I also tried to go somewhat 1940's with the hair - what do you think?
I'm going to make another very similar skirt out of yet some more of the thrifted fabric from the weekend, a creamy coloured one. I'd like to thank those for the tips on sewing the hem - you know I didnt even really notice it until it was pointed out, the tension was far to tight for the hem so i'll try hand stitching the next one.
I'm terribly sorry about not being specific about the vintage goodies package that arrived yesterday - it isn't a secret at all!! I actually paid all of about $3 plus postage from Trade me, I bid on the contents not being actually sure of what was in it, the photo was just a big pile of clothes but there were a few shirts i could make out that I wanted. I figured that $3 was totally fine to pay for 2 shirts and I could biff the rest if I didn't like it. Turns out it was a treasure trove of goodies!! And all New Zealand made vintage as well which makes for a huge bonus!!

Also, please ignore that terrible patch on my leg, I tried to hide it as much as I could - my mole is officially MIA as of this morning, stitches out next friday. The worst part was the numbing injection and as the Dr was sewing my leg up all i could think of was sewing fabric and how it must be much the same - the pulling, the tugging etc. My Dr was saying she does embroidery in her spare time and that it was much the same - well it makes it much easier, we were wondering how male doctors get along with this sort of thing.



  1. I want your top. And your shoes. And your skirt. And your belt. And your sewing skills. Want to share?

    I recently had surgery and felt them sewing me up (my first stitches ever), it was the most bizarre feeling. I thought about sewing garments, too. Then I thought about how the guy in Silence of the Lambs uses actual skin to sew garments, which creeped me out because I was feeling my skin being sewn. And then I tried very hard not to throw up right there on the doctor. I'm sure he appreciated my efforts.

  2. Hi paper doll, thanks for visiting my blog :o) The gnocchi WASN'T gluten-free cos it used plain flour, although I know there are recipes that use polenta.
    Bookclub is just a bunch of friends and friends-of-friends that discovered they all liked to read and formed a club that now meets monthly! You should definitely start one, we have heaps of fun :o)
    I'm loving your high-waist skirt by the way!

  3. Well done on the top, it looks great! I love this with the red heels too.

    I hope your leg gets better soon – and I know what you mean about the stitching, it is such a basic (though v useful!) way of putting us back together!

  4. Kelly - Eww, of course I should have thought of that!! But I'm ever so glad I didnt :) These were only my second stitches (first were last year when I had my wisdom teeth out - don't ask me anything that needs wisdom for I now have none :().

    Emily Kate - I may just have to do that!! It will encourage me to read a wider variety of books me thinks!! You should publish the recipe any way so that i can just substitute gluten-free flour!!

    Esme - thanks!! Yes, sewing is such a useful skill, its a pity younger people aren't getting into it as much (younger than me being under 23!!)

  5. That's such a lovely outfit! I think my grandmother would be ashamed of my current sewing skills which consist of sewing straight lines for square quilts. I'm extremely jealous of your abilities. :)

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  7. That really is a fabulous outfit, and further cements my feeling that I really should learn to sew! I have a sewing machine that's been sitting in my room for over 2 years now unused.

  8. The halter top looks great, and fits you so perfectly! You and Madeline must be a match made in heaven. I can't believe you got a big parcel for $3, that is amaaazing. What is Trade Me? is it an NZ thing?

    (by the way I am coming to NZ and to your beautiful city in less than a month! Yay, I'm so excited!!)

  9. You did such a great job on your top and I love your skirt so I'm glad your showing it off :)

    Isn't it funny that the worst part always seems to be the anaesthetic?

  10. The skirt looks lovely! You hair looks great too!

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I was thinking I should be blonde 6 months and brunette the other! I've only had the brown hair now for a month, so I guess I have 5 to go! :o)
    I was thinking of going red, but it fades so fast when it's not natural, I've always wanted to look like Ann! :o)

  11. Thank you so much for being at my blog and left such nice and kind note.

    I'm loving your blog, you've such a great style, you look beautiful.

    Keep in touch...


  12. Oh my goodness those red shoes are gorgeous! And I won't say anything about Project Runway. It was a very good season, very talented people. I think I'll have to add you to my blogroll if you don't mind. :) And I wish our weather was getting warm now, hope the NZ weather is fab!

  13. I love the halter neck on you. Cute!

  14. Aimee' - I still think my grandmother would be ashamed at my skills, I cant knit well (if at all), I can't do embroidery and I have no idea what most plants are in the garden. But when you think about it sewing is all about straight lines anyway! I'm sure if you gave it a go you'd be surprised :)

    Fashion - Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I'll be sure to check you out too!!

    Sparkle - You definitely should!! You feel like you've accomplished something when you've made it yourself!

    The Vintage Year - Trademe is like Ebay essentially but all nz traders. Yay, if your ever down in dunedin let me know, I'd love to catch up!!

    Miss Karen - It is a bit ironic that the thing that's supposed to make it not hurt is the thing that hurts the most!!

    Q's Daydream - I was recently told I look like Anne Margaret (the megan follows version) and being a HUGE fan of Anne of Green Gables I was indeed flattered. I do have a small thing for red heads though, they will always have a place in my heart - did you know we are a dying breed? The natural blondes and brunettes are taking over the gene pool!!

    The Seeker - I will most certainly keep in touch :)

    Amber - I'm itching to see it, so much so that i'm thinking about being naughty and downloading it!! Adding you too!!

    Amelia - Thank you :)

  15. Your hair does look very pretty! And your sewing inspires me. I love how you've styled the outfit with those glasses - they work very well!

  16. Your hair is VERY much faithful to the 40's era well done! Your top is also a really nifty job well done :P You'll have to detail EXACTLY the sewing process when we meet up lol because you are just inspiring with your sewing-seamsmistressing skill like skills.

    Eep, i think i'm rambling too much and too sleep depraved. Anyday after the 8th is great for me. WHATEVER you like hun. I can't wait and Beckett can't either :P


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