Monday, July 14, 2008

Rainy Days and Yellow Shoes…

Today is dark, cold and rainy and it makes me glad to be inside and toasty warm. The busy week/weekend has finished and it’s into the daily grind working up to my next busy week in August.

Yellow is fast becoming one of my favourite colours at the moment (probably because it makes me happy to see something bright and sunny on cold miserable days). I saw these cute yellow mary janes a while ago and thought they were super cute but a tad expensive and then all of a sudden last week they were on sale!! Of course I scooped them up and now they are all mine.

This is the outfit I’m going to wear to the opening of the International Film Festival next week that we are currently promoting – I’ll do ‘outfit in action’ shots next week.

(Click me and I get bigger)

Ps) I think I may post this outfit on wardrobe remix – my first ever wardrobe remix, how exciting!!

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  1. Cute shoes – and I agree, yellow on dull days is a good thing!


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