Monday, July 28, 2008

International Film Festival...

The film festival has officially opened in Dunedin and as a publicist I get to go to as many as I like - yippee!!

As promised here is my out fit in action for the Opening Night…

The movie they played was Be Kind Rewind, which I had already seen but it seemed funnier with a big audience. I went to see a more few on the weekend including one about Anita O’Day the jazz singer. She had amazing outfits and as a result is going to be featured as one of my ‘little inspirations’.

I’m going to see another on Tuesday with one of my favourite actresses – Rachel McAdams who I featured on my blog a little while ago. It is set in the 1940’s and called The Married Life, the basic plot of which Rachel is the mistress of a married man who wants to be with Rachel but doesn’t want to hurt his wife by divorcing her so instead tries to kill her. A little drama, intrigue and dark comedy – I think I’ll love it (along with the clothes).

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