Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm wearing black...I know...

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I know, it's black. Well, I’m from Dunedin – according to the New Zealand Fashion Quarterly all we wear in Dunedin is Black!! I am changing my ways though by adding pops of colour to each of my outfits and lots of different little details. This time I was trying out the Red Lip and thought wearing black would help with the 'pop' factor.

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This is what I wore to the big fancy dinner we went to in Auckland, you can’t see it but the dress has a cute little sewn in belt around the waist – I wore it with my patterned woolen stockings and vintage black and white T-bar heels. I got these a few years ago and now I’m seeing new versions of them everywhere!!

I am still unsure of my ability to pull off a red lip – even though it’s all so vintage chic and very in at the moment.

I did do some shopping in Auckland but was slightly disappointed with what was available because it was all the same – maybe I didn’t go to the right parts.

I’ll have to do another marathon picture taking weekend, but my cousin is down from Auckland this weekend – maybe she can do my shots. I’m not at that stage where I’m comfortable posing for pictures that others are taking, David has offered but I feel kinda silly.

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  1. Oh man, that article in Fashion Quarterly was so annoying!Apparently in Christchurch we all wear pearls and twinsets. :P

    Okay, rant over. :)


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