Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to Work, Winter Style...

I couldn’t figure out how to start this post today so I’m just going to jump right on in there. This skirt is a second hand vintage skirt that I shortened, it’s made from wool (so is super warm) and was made right here in NZland. I got it on sale really cheaply when it was going into summer here so didn’t really get to wear it until this winter – and its one of my favourite little skirts.

I’m also wearing it with wool tights – I had never owned a pair until the weekend just past and I’m wondering how I ever did without them. They are so incredibly warm and cosy it’s almost better than wearing pants! And then we have my boots.

It was a long hard road trying to find these perfect boots – I’m talking years of wanting flat, not pointy toed boots but never finding exactly what I wanted - until this year. I was flying back from the first wedding of the year and reading the in-flight magazine, when, there they were in all their glory. I promptly called the shop the next day and found that they were slightly more expensive than I thought, but I had to have them. A week or so later they were mine. I know you can't see them that well but maybe later I'll do a post on shoes.

I think some of the most expensive clothing items I own are shoes – I figure you can pick up a pair of jeans relatively easily for not too much and the basics that form the base of your outfit are normally quite inexpensive as well. And like I’ve said before, I love details and so will probably spend more on those little things that make an out fit than go without.

My next purchase is a pair of brown boots and hopefully a woolen dress that I can pair with a waist cinching belt. I’ve seen them around, I am just yet waiting to find one that suits me and that I love!!

ps) As usual my kitty Mocha was there to participate in photo taking and she's just so darn cute!

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